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  • A cloth doll’s body is soft and malleable, just like a human’s body, making them cuddlier, more life-like in feel and a child’s interactions with them more realistic
  • When a child sleeps with them they don’t feel the cold, hardness of plastic dolls
  • Cloth dolls, like ours, that are made to newborn size (45cm), can be dressed in newborn sized clothing with convenience as it’s okay that the arm is twisted while the child learns how to dress its doll. In fact, the arms and legs are made to move up and down
  • Being able to dress the doll helps the child to form a further connection and facilitate the building and learning of relationships and responsibilities
  • Being soft, they are easier to pack into a bag to be transported
  • Having the above-mentioned human-like connection fosters a greater companionship for children, facilitating friendships, trusted confidants and faithful travellers that are close to a child’s heart – a treasured possession.


What makes our Isabella dolls extra special?

  • The dolls are made with no detachable parts that could be swallowed or pose as a choking hazard; they are made from polar fleece and have machine embroidered features
  • The nappy is removable, and you may choose the print design of the nappy
  • Our dolls come in three tones; fair, light brown and dark brown so that children with different skin tones could have a doll that better matches the colour of their skin, therefore enhancing their connection with their doll
  • Our dolls come in two sizes; newborn sized (45cm), and doll sized (30cm)
  • Dolls are lightweight so easily held and carried by smaller babies
  • We can ship door-to-door, within South Africa (approximately 3-5 working days)

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