FunOnesie, a Durban based entrepreneurship started in March 2013 by Thea Gilham, is a onesie manufacturing business which aims to provide quality ‘chill out’ wear which customers are able to wear anywhere, anytime and in almost all circumstances.

The fleecy  adult sized all-in-one type garment is the latest craze in fun apparel and with continued growth and development we strive to constantly improve our designs whilst always seeking to offer customers a wide selection of funky, new patterns, colours and prints.

Perfect for all day any day wear, our onesies also make the perfect birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day gifts for both men and women whilst they remain massive hits amongst music festival goers, surfers and other water sports  enthusiasts, spectators attending live sports matches, varsity students and couch potatoes or simply chilling at home.

Be part of the latest fashion craze and sport your versatile, all-in-one FunOnesie.

Founder of FunonEsie - Thea Gilham

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