-For those who may not know about Funonesie, would you be able to share a bit about your company

FunOnesie came about in 2012 when my daughter, Megan, suggested that I make a onesie for her cousin who is a surfer in Cape Town. I made one for his birthday & it was a great success, so Megan suggested that I start making &  selling them to the South African market as soon as possible. So with the encouragement of my family, I decided to go for it. The decision to give up a stable job was daunting, but the opportunity to be creative seemed too good to give up! The next few months I cut patterns, made samples, and sourced suppliers. My children, Kyle & Megan, got FunOnesies onto social media and set up a Face Book page and on 29 March 2013,  FunOnesie started trading! My website – www.FunOnesie.co.za – went live on 17 May 2013.

And away it went at a rapid pace & FunOnesie hasn’t looked back.

-What did you do before launching Funonesie

I am a trained nurse but I was working at a local primary school – doing all the in-house catering, stock and admin duties. When i first started FunOnesie, i was still working at the school but when it got to the stage of having to work 12-14 hours a day to keep up with the onesie orders, I decided to resign & concentrate full time on FunOnesie.

-How many hours do you work a week . Describe your typical day.

It depends on the season – during the winter I can work up to 8 – 10 hours a day.

When it is your own business you tend to work 7 days a week – so I can be sewing , cutting, rolling fabric, developing new patterns & products, making labels etc over the weekends.

I start off the morning doing admin that has come in during the night – answering emails, queries & replying to orders, however keeping up with admin is am ‘all day job’.

I also receive several phone calls from customers throughout the day, which tend to take up a fair amount of time too. I then start cutting out, sewing & finally packaging the days orders. Each FunOnesie takes approx. 2 hours from start to finish. I take time during the afternoon to do the posting.

On some days I have to fabric shop, stock up on zips, thread, research new suppliers or products etc.

I also try & develop new ranges so that all has to be researched.

-From your experience, how has the market for onesies grown over the last year? Do you see onesies as a fashion trend that will continue to grow in SA market?

The onesie trend has grown tremendously in the past years but more so in the past 3 months, as South Africans have become aware of the overseas onesie trend.

Onesies have been worn for many years in the UK, Sweden, Australia and the USA but South Africa is about 3 years behind in this trend. Research has shown that in those countries sales took about 3 years to peak & then level off. So I feel we are still climbing towards our peak! #onesiedomination

-With Funonesie releasing so many different designs to the SA market, have there been any designs or types of designs that have garnered more attention than others?

In true ‘Proudly South African’, our Tiger and Leopard onesies are without a doubt the most sought after!
-how often do you wear a onesie? is it your preferred sleeping attire?

Having developed both summer and winter onesies, I am always onesie ready! A light summer onesie is perfect on those hot summer nights, especially in the Durban humidity, while my warm, fleece winter onesies are great for snuggling up with a good book. My daughter feels the cold in Cape Town and so she lives in her onesies during winter!

– Which is your favourite Funonesie design?

The Panda:)
-Onesies in public – yay or nay?

YAY – We have a onesie for every situation. Summer FunOnesies are perfect for the beach, shopping or a summer braai, while winter FunOnesies are ideal for going to sports matches, after surfing, camping and braaing with friends. Our FunOnesies are popular ‘must-have’s’ for music festivals and outdoor concerts.

-what are your future plans for Funonesie?

I pride myself on customer service and quality so all future plans remain centred around giving onesie-lovers what they want! I would love to grow the FunOnesie brand by developing other interesting products, like my newly released surfer towels, whilst remaining one of South Africa’s leading micro-businesses in online onesie manufacturing and trading.


Don’t rush with the answers… when you’re ready. 🙂

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